Stretch Marks - Symptoms – Causes – Prevention – Treatment

What Are Stretch Marks Actually?

There are many people still do not know about what the stretch marks are.

Stretch marks are a skin condition that occurs due to defective collagen is weakened and unable to accommodate the excessive stretching of the skin. Stretch marks occur in the dermis are stretched beyond the power of its flexibility in a short time. As you know, the skin consists of 3 main layers:

What Are Stretch Marks Actually in Skin Layer

Skin Layer

  • Epidermis: the outer layer of skin which consists of a layer of flat cells that serve to protect the inside of the body.
  • Dermis: the middle layer of skin that serves to provide firmness and flexibility of the skin.
  • Subcutaneous or Hypodermic: the deepest layer of the skin consists of fat and connective tissue.

Due to the dermis rupture to form what are called stretch marks. Stretch marks actually just skin wrinkling in the dermis layer of the epidermis while on it remained intact. The lines varied in length from a few millimeters to more than 10 centimeters. Mostly the marks spread and occur on women, but there will also occur on man. All of you can get the marks wherever you get weight and obesity.

What are Stretch Marks Normal and Not Dangerous?

What Are Stretch Marks Actually on Arm

Stretch Marks on Arm Men

Many people also become confused what are stretch marks normal or not? The marks are normal part of puberty for most guys and girls. Those marks happen in which the skin is pulled by stretching or rapid growth. The most common part of body that the marks occur are abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, back, underarm, upper arms and breast. Most people must be tranquil and not be worried taking into consideration the fact that the marks denote no health damage in and of them.

You should also know that the marks do not endanger your body’s ability to normally function and they will repair by its own self. So, you should know about what are stretch marks normal? The answer is yes, those are normal. If there are some people ask what are stretch marks and what damage has occurred? They will not need to be worried owing to the fact that the marks will not have any damage that will occur. So, you will take it easy in facing and get rid of the marks.

What are Stretch Marks and Why Do They Occur?

What Are Stretch Marks Steroid Creams

Steroid Creams

People may also think what are stretch marks and what causes them? They are still confused and they want to get rid of the stretch marks as soon as possible. You should know what are stretch marks and why do they occur is that the loss of skin’s collagen and elastin is responsible to cause stretch marks. You may have known that there are some main causes of the marks like medications, extreme weight loss, heavy weight lifting, growth spurt during adolescence and pregnancy.

You should know and pay attention that the oral steroids or steroid creams as medications can cause stretch marks. That is why some people still confused and ask what are stretch marks occur when the people use steroids? Many people may not realize that they have many stretch marks owing to the fact that the marks have different textures on any people. It first appears as purple lines or reddish but it tends to fade to a lighter gradually.

What are Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of?

What Are Stretch Marks Laser Treatment Result

Stretch Marks Laser Treatment Before & After

Do not be afraid about what are stretch marks and how to get rid of? You can do some treatments as easy as pie. You can moisturize the skin three till four times a day. It will be totally sure that you should use some products to support what are stretch marks from working out. You can choose the product containing Shea butter or cocoa butter as a prime ingredients. Afterwards, you can massage the moisturizer deep into abdomen, buttocks, hips and other parts of body.

If you want, you can try laser treatment the good ways in getting rid of the stretch marks. Or you can also take prescription Retinoid or Dermibrasion. Some people have tried to use laser treatment either by using advanced light source technologies or pulsed dyed lasers and they have been succeed in get rid of the marks. So, if you have known about all of stretch marks, you will not ask about what are stretch marks anymore.

The Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

Stretch mark is one of the most common skin problems that apparently can happen to anyone; the problem is very common on pregnant women. The stretch mark is caused by the stretched skin due to the rapid growth or very quick weight gain. There are various treatments to reduce the visibility as well as the cure the skin problem; the stretch mark laser treatment is one of the possible treatments.

The Benefits of Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Before & After

The stretch mark laser treatment is one of the choices of treating the skin problem that can deliver quick or probably instant result. It is a simple choice to have smoother skin and remove the marks without any surgery procedure. It can improve the appearance of the affected skin almost instantly.

Another benefit of the stretch mark laser treatment is the tolerated treatment procedures and sessions. It offers the flexible treatment scheduling for anyone who needs to manage their time carefully. The result is visible right after the treatment; there is nearly no downtime for this kind of stretch mark treatment.

The Technology of Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

Micro fine stretch mark laser treatment

Micro Fine Laser

The stretch mark laser treatment is conducted with the use of fractional laser; it uses the short pulses of laser to treat the stretched skin by promoting the new skin development.

The micro fine laser is used for the stretch mark laser treatment; the laser beam can reach the depth of the skin sub layers. The skin will regenerate the treated skin tissue with the new elastin and collagen to produce the new skin layer with smoother texture and elasticity.

The stretch mark laser treatment usually requires only 30 minutes of treatment; the larger area that requires the treatment may cause the treatment last longer. There are three to five laser treatments required to acquire the optimum result of removing the stretch marks.